One more week….


With just one week to go until chemo, I thought that this would be a good time for an updated photo.  Joining me are Luigi  (Lockshire Live Wire SW) and Herbie’s daughter, Tini (Talbot Hill Lemon Drop Martini).


2 thoughts on “One more week….

  1. Hi Carrie,

    Don’t know if you remember us but we adopted Rosa back in November 2007. Rosa is doing fine. When we get a chance we will forward some pictures of her. Rosa has ajusted to Cape Cod life. Her best friend is a large stuffed scooby doo dog that is three times her size. Rosa will drag her back and forth around the house and back yard for hours at a time. Scooby is beginning to wear out so a new one is do soon. Rosa is now 100% crate trained. We are still working on the house training. This has been a bit slow. Two days after she arrived we had her trained to ring a cow bell on the rear slider door. Whenever Rosa wants to go out and do her thing she rings the bell and does her thing….this has been great and definately took a lot of cookie rewards….however for some reason Rosa still thinks nothing of just stopping any place in the house to poop or pee. This is usually when she is upstairs or when we are not very close to her. I sometimes wonder if she just feels it is to far of a walk to go outside. As far as a pet Rosa is great, she is very affectionate and her faverite place to be is directly at your feet. When we walk around the house Rosa will rest her body against your leg and walk with you. The few times Rosa has been around other dogs she has been fine. Rosa gets excited around other dogs and quickly becomes ALPHA FEMALE DOG. Rosa is very freindly with other dogs and after the initial submissive pee she quickly takes charge and lets them know who the boss is. Her freind “Guy” a 120 lb golden has given up and just lies down as Rosa tries to wrestle him to the ground.

    Hope all is well with you. We check your site often to see your progress and pray for you and your family.

    Lastly, it is funny how so many people around here have never seen a lemon or red and white beagle. They do seem to be very rare around our parts.

    Rob & Cheryl Warren

  2. Hi Carrie, just to let you know that we’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Something interesting that we learned about Dee Dee and Sophie this week … they absolutely LOVE going to the beach!! We drove down to Ocean Shores for a day last week and took then for a walk on the beach … Dee Dee was so beside herself with excitement that when we let her off the leash she couldn’t decide which way to run .. it was so funny to watch her run round and round in circles … Sophies stood and watched for a while and then decided it looked like fun and soon followed suit .. it was hilarious to wactch. Needless to say they both sleep very well that night ,they burnt off every last ounce of energy they had! 🙂

    Love from Pauline, Lee, Dee Dee and Sophie.

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