What I Learned Today…..

I’m amazed at how many hits I’m getting on my blog and I feel like I should write something amusing to entertain all of you!  I’ll share my news about this week’s surgery first……

Dr. Lau will install my port at 10:30 Wednesday morning.  Surgery will last 45 minutes and I’ll go home after a two hour recovery period.  The port will be installed under my left collar bone with a catheter inserted into a big vein in my chest.  The port provides easy access for the R-CVP treatments and for drawing blood for my labs.  It will remain there, under my skin, until no longer needed.

Today I also learned about the “Washington Prescription Drug Program“,  a free prescription drug program that provides prescription drugs at discount rates to Washington residents who don’t have prescription drug coverage.  With six prescriptions to fill, I appreciate any help that I can get!  I also learned that my most expensive prescription, the anti-nausea medication, Zofran, now comes in a generic so, rather than paying over $400, my cost will be around $25!

Finally, I learned today that you need to be very careful about what you order online!  Last week I ordered a hat and some scarves so that I’d be prepared when I lose my hair.  The hat and two of the scarves are pretty basic, everyday wear.  The scarves were described as being “just like wearing your favorite t-shirt”!  Perfect!!!  That’s just what I want!  I also ordered two other dressier scarves because, optimist that I am, I’m hoping that I might make an occasional appearance in the show ring this year……….one scarf to wear with my navy suit, one scarf to wear with my black suit.  Well….here’s where you need to be very careful about what you order!  Both scarves are made of pretty, watercolor-print fabric but…..one of them is covered in sequins!!!!  At this point, those of you who know me are laughing!  I AM NOT a “Bling” sort of girl!  If I put on earrings with my jeans and t-shirt, I feel dressed up!  Sequins!!!  Amanda nearly fell off her chair laughing when I showed the scarf to her!  So……dog friends……you’ve been warned!  You may not recognize me at first but you will definitely see me coming!

……..let’s see you match that, Terri!   Wink


One thought on “What I Learned Today…..

  1. Golly, this is great. I hope you can(and will)save all this in a book/notebook for yourself in later years. I don’t know what happens to these blogs as time goes by.
    Paul and I appreciate your sharing and continue to pray for your complete recovery and healing. God is good and He truly know just what you need.
    P.S. Hope you enjoyed the book.

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