Observations From an Operating Room…..

I was amazed at how calm I was on Wednesday……I nearly fell asleep prior to surgery…..before I’d had any meds!  Then, the nurse asked me to get off of my bed and follow her to the operating room!  What a surreal experience that was…..like a lamb to the slaughter….  The only previous experience that I’d had with an operating room was when Amanda was delivered…..and I was a bit preoccupied at the time!  I consciously walked into a room filled with lights and equipment and a dozen people waiting to….well……open me up.  After pausing a few moments for final preparations, I was invited to jump up onto the table and place my head on the big, orange “cheerio”.  The last thing I remember is the blood pressure cuff……

 …….I awoke to find myself seated in the recovery room.  How I got from the operating table to a seated position in the recovery room was a question that didn’t enter my mind until the following day.  Now, thankfully…….I’ve been without pain since the surgery, but……

……wouldn’t you think that someone could have wiped my nose before I woke up, my first thought being “my goodness, how long have I been needing a tissue???!!!”

……couldn’t someone have told me that my chest was covered in Betadine before telling me to get dressed?  I undressed last night to find that the inside of my new bra was orange!

…….couldn’t the four pages of my health history have been sent from my primary care physician….or my oncologist……or my gastroenterologist……..or my surgeon to the day surgery center so that I wouldn’t have to regurgitate this information on my cell phone while seated in the cafe at Borders, thus annoying the man seated next to me who didn’t really want to know when my last menstrual cycle was……


One thought on “Observations From an Operating Room…..

  1. LOL, Carrie! No one can tell a story like you can!!
    You just gotta love the medical community 😉 (I can say that being how I am one of them!)

    Anyway, glad to hear that all went well with your port placement. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and we hope things go smoothly next week for you.


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