“You’re Gonna Stink…..”

One of benefits of sharing my story has been the advice that I’ve received from former cancer patients.  This weekend at the show, I sat down with a friend who had survived cancer and I asked them about the chemo treatments, “What should I expect?”…..

“Well,” they said…..”let them know if you get that metallic taste in your mouth…..they can do something about that.”

“You’re gonna need to stay near a bathroom…..”

“Drink lots of water and try to exercise every day”

“You’re gonna stink”.  “WHAT!” I exclaimed!  “I haven’t heard that anywhere!”  “Yes,” they said, “as fast as they pump those drugs into you, you need to get them out……and sweating helps!  Go to a sauna if you can.”

A “prescription” to go to a sauna…..LOL!……I can do that!  I love to sauna and my parents have one at their vacation home…..it’s an hour and a half north but I could go spend a weekend sauna-ing and stinking once in a while!

……Amanda says that I have to wrap this up because she has an essay to write.   I’ll write more when I get back from the oncologist….

………by the way……I found 405 this morning!  Yipppeeeee!  That’s “good karma” for the rest of the day…….


One thought on ““You’re Gonna Stink…..”

  1. You are such a story teller – you make everything you do entertaining!

    Lets hope that all the advice and expectations are wrong – and that you will fly through this without a great deal of illness. Maybe it is like the people that go through all the scary stories to a woman expecting their first baby – when it seems everyone seems to want to outdo the last with their horror stories about labor and delivery!

    Sometimes people don’t get horribly sick, maybe you will be one of those lucky people!

    Hang in there! Hugs from Marco and Maya!

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