Round 2, Day 2

I’ve just returned home from my first chemotherapy treatment and the morning was uneventful.  I received three pre-meds:  compazine (orally) and Kytril and Ativan by drip.  They are all anti-nausea drugs and the Ativan made me a bit sleepy so I got out my iPod.  Next came the Vincristine which was injected into my line over the course of 2 or 3 minutes.  That was followed by Cyclophosphamide which was a one hour drip.  I had no side effects during any of this, other than the sleepiness mentioned above.  Finally, I was given the dreaded Neulasta shot which I barely noticed……thank goodness!

Now that I’m home, I’m injecting Starbucks to counter the sleepiness and I’ll get to take another prednisone in half an hour.  I’m trying to think of something amusing to write but my brain is too tired right now.  Thank you to everyone for kind comments about my “amusing” blog.  I can’t believe how much attention it’s getting.  In the first day or two it was quoted in the New York Times Health section and today it was quoted on

“…davis85 is a true recipe for delightful information”

That cracked me up!   LOL!!!


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