Good Morning!

It’s Wednesday morning, the day after my first chemo treatment and I’m feeling pretty good.  I had predinisone with breakfast, as prescribed, and ondansetron (generic Zofran) as recommended by many.  Ondansetron is the strongest anti-nausea drug that I have and many have told me to just take it first thing in the morning, don’t wait for nausea to happen.  That sounds sensible to me!  Aside from a little sleepiness and lightheadedness, I’m feeling pretty good so I’ll go get a few things done around the house.  I need to finish up our taxes so that Amanda can finish up her FAFSA stuff…..

…….you know, there are three things that you really shouldn’t have to deal with when you sick:  the US Health Care System, The Federal Tax Code, and the FAFSA.  I list these in no particular order…..I’m not sure which is most vexing at the moment……..


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