For those of you who may have missed the explanation for this silliness in my previous blog, let me reintroduce “The License Plate” game:

Here’s how it’s played.  You begin by finding a license plate that has “000”, then you look for “001”, “002”, etc.  (Now for those of you in California, or other states with bad license plate numbers, you may have to alter the rules somehow).  My daughter introduced this game to me.  For years I have driven Amanda to piano, harp, voice, cello, and ballet lessons.  I’ve driven to rehearsals and performances, putting 24,000 miles/year on my car…..as a stay-at-home mom!  This game was a good way to amuse myself and I’d spend my time, waiting for her lessons to be over, cruising around looking for license plates (not a great idea considering the current gas prices).  Silly, I know, but I have this competitive streak in me….  Eventually, with too much time on my hands, I surpassed Amanda and she won’t play with me anymore.  I’m now looking for “407” and……honest to goodness!…….nothing can make my day like finding the next license plate number!  Really!  I know, it’s silly but it’s a little thing that makes me really happy.

Finding the next license plate is also “good karma”.   Today, Herbie is on his way to a big dog show weekend and the day didn’t start off well.  I went through my usual dog show weekend ritual….a complicated, spiritual and frankly, rather silly series of “good karma” things that I do before a show….that I won’t go in to now.  Anyway, all that being done, I wasn’t completely satisfied that the “mojo” was right……so I went hunting for “406”.  I invented some errands that I needed to take care of in town and off I went……cruising parking lots.  Nothing at Petco, nothing at Starbucks, nothing at Kohl’s but……I saved the best for last.  You see, when you’re as obsessed as I am about these things, you start scouting the neighborhoods, so…..my last stop on the way home was the junior parking lot at Kentwood High School and….sure enough…the last car that I came to was 406!!!  It made my day…….and ensured a successful weekend for Herbie……I hope……  😛


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