My Port

Marie wants me to put more pictures on my blog and I did promise a picture of my port once it had healed… here we go…..


This is what a portacath looks like.  Mine is implanted under the skin, just below my left collar bone and the catheter feeds into a large vein in my chest.  When the nurse needs to hook up an IV, they numb the skin over the rubber dome in the center of the port and then insert the large IV needle.  They draw blood for labs and they give me my chemo in the  same place every time rather than searching for a new vein in my arms or hands each time.

The implanted port looks like this….

 Mom’s Port


2 thoughts on “My Port

  1. Oh okay, so there isn’t anything that sticks out of the skin? I thought there might be a tube coming out of you or something.

    P.S. It’s a toasty warm day here in Michigan today – 50 degrees! Woohoo!

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