I Need A Nap……

Here’s what I learned yesterday……DON’T take all 60 mg of prednisone first thing in the morning…..instead, continue to take them as I had been…..20 mg every 8 hours.  Between the prednisone and the excitement of Herbie’s specialty win yesterday, I nearly passed out!  I can’t say that I did much better this morning when I learned that Herbie had won the variety again…….I still needed to lie down for a while.

I haven’t taken any nausea meds today……and haven’t needed them…..so hooray for that.  I think that I’ll go take one of the “drowsy” ones, though, and take a nap.  I’ve had too much excitement over the last couple of days…..

……Herbie won the specialty yesterday, he won the variety today and competes in the group this afternoon, two of his puppies debut on the east coast today and two other puppies that I co-bred with StarbuckTorbay are debuting in Oregon.  Too much excitement……

I’ve picked up lots of “good karma”, too…….and, at this point, I should perhaps take a minute to clarify the finer points of the “License Plate” game.  On the way home from Starbucks yesterday, I happened to find myself in the Tahoma High School parking lot (which is technically “on the way home”) and I found 408 (but I was still looking for 407)!  Later that afternoon, when I picked up Amanda at school, there was “407” in the Kentwood student parking lot!  Now…..this is what you need to understand……I could not count the “408” found earlier that day!  I had to drop Amanda off at home and then run back to Tahoma, spot “408”, and then go back home to pick up Amanda and take her to her voice lesson.  Then…..on the way home from her lesson, I spotted “409”!!!  Three license plates in one day.  That’s VERY GOOD karma!  And……today, Amanda’s chamber orchestra competed in a regional solo/ensemble contest (they “ROCKED” their piece, I’m told) and we found “410” on the way home.  WooHoo!!!  Yes, “I’m told”……..I walked into the crowded practice room, and between the many bodies, the many flourescent lights, the many instruments and the prednisone…..it was too much for my poor little brain…….so I sat and waited in the car.

……I guess that’s all that I have to share for now.  I need a nap…….


One thought on “I Need A Nap……

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