San Juan Islands

I’ve rambled about my dogs and other silliness for several days now but, having just returned home from Palm Sunday service at church, it seems an appropriate time to comment on faith……

I have been blessed, from the time my tumor was found, with a great sense of peace about my life and this journey ahead.  I haven’t once felt fear or anger over what lies ahead…..just a very deep sense of peace…..and a faith that God has a plan for my life.  I hope that my blog will be an honest, authentic accounting of what this journey entails…….that it might be inspiring to some and give hope to others.

One of my favorite albums is “Come to the Quiet” by John Michael Talbot, and his title song, based on Psalm 131 is my favorite:

“…..come and hope in your Lord, do not set your thoughts on things far beyond you, just come to the quiet, come and still your soul…..come and still your soul completely”.  This meditation often takes me to the San Juan Islands above…..

For those of you facing trouble in your life…….

Peace Be With You…….


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