Yesterday I spoke about Peace…….the word for today is Balance.  It’s a week now since my first chemo treatment and my life is best described as a balancing act.  Balancing the needs of my family with my own needs.  Balancing exercise and activity with sleep and rest.  Balancing food and water and meds and supplements to keep myself strong.  Balancing joy with quiet and peace……..  There’s a constant awareness of what might be “off” and trying to keep everything in balance…..

I have a bit of nausea and lightheadedness today but it’s quite mild and I’m choosing to forego the meds if possible.  I have things to do around the house but perhaps I’ll  take a nap this afternoon.  No one has told  me that I stink yet….LOL!!!….and my hair is still in place (sequins safely tucked in a drawer).

I drink lots of water and so far the “plumbing” is still working well.  At some point I may add a “Too Much Information” category for those who wish to escape the finer details of my daily life but, for some, this may be helpful so I’ll continue to write as accurate an account as I can.

One of the harmful effects of chemo is destruction of rapidly growing cells, particularly those in the mouth and digestive tract.  With a tumor in my stomach, my digestive system is already a bit compromised so I’m particularly aware of the enzymes and probiotics that will help keep my system working as smoothly as possible.  I take probiotics and papaya enzymes with chlorophyll, I eat lots of yogurt and I make this “lovely schlock” called “Green Lemonade”.  I borrowed my mom’s juicer and into it I put:  one head of romaine, 6 stalks of kale, 1 – 2 apples, 1 lemon and 1 – 2  inches of fresh ginger.  The result is a juice that is lovely, bright shade of green……thankfully more reminiscent of a glass of lemonade than a caesar salad.  It’s loaded with enzymes and other “good stuff” and the book says “you can’t drink too much of it”.  LOL!!!  I drink about 24 ounces……..that’s enough…..


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