Random Thoughts….

First…..WooHoo!!!  I got “412”, “413”, and “414” this weekend which set up a “great karma” situation for Herbie……who then got back-to-back group placements this weekend!  AND!!!!….Amanda has decided to play with me again!  Hooray!!!  She’s looking for “004”.

I just got back from the oncologist and my bloodwork looks great.  I’m all set to go in for Round Two next Monday/Tuesday.  Dr. Cui said that I should expect some hair loss about a week from now so be sure to tune in to my blog next Tuesday for possible “bald shots” and pictures from the chemo room!  How exciting!!!  LOL!  Larry’s gonna bring his camera so you can see what it looks like.  He hasn’t even been there yet so it’ll be new to him, too.  I’m feeling great (hence the lead song on my Blog Tunes).   The second song is in honor of my port….. 😉

For years now, randomly, and for no apparent reason, I sing “High on a hill stood a lonely goatherd…….”  You know, the marionette song from “The Sound of Music”.  I don’t know why.  The Sound of Music was on TV Friday night and I was in the bedroom ironing….and singggginngg away.  Larry told me later that he was in the family room with the volume turned down, listening…….and laughing……..

And while I’m on the subject of singing……no matter how many times I’ve heard Amanda sing “Voi Che Sapete” from Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro”……when it randomly comes up on the iPod when I’m driving around…..I CAN’T sing it…..I may think that I can…….but I can’t really…….

……I can’t sing any of those “African songs” from “The Lion King” either…….but I don’t let that stop me!  😉

Amanda and I got kicked out of church yesterday!  I’ve never been kicked out of church before!  We stood around visiting too much after the service and they needed to clear us out to make room for the next service.  I understand,  of course…..it was just very funny to be asked to leave church……

Why am I sharing random thoughts with you?  Well….I’ve gotten so much great feedback about my blog…..”you’re very amusing”…..so I’m trying to come up with something amusing to share today.  The real reason is that I’m stalling.  I need to finish up our taxes today because I need to give a copy of our tax returns to the PLU financial aid guy when I meet with him this evening.   

Oh dear!  I just finished my Starbucks.  I should probably go get another one before attempting to do taxes…….

……and I really should go pull weeds while the sun is out…….

……and I’m sure that there’s poop to scoop…….

……and I really should finish my ironing……


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts….

  1. As always, you are a hoot! You can blame me for a few hits every day as I have to check several times a day for the newest entry!

    Now, we need some clarification on rules for the license plate game. Can you pick out a three number sequence from a truck license plate? You know, the ones with something like A12345B or does it have to be strictly from a car plate? Can you count a number if you are walking through a parking lot and see a number, or do you have to be in the car?

    Early days, only have 000 and 001 so far!

    Hugs from Marco and Maya

  2. ROFL!!!!! LOL!!!! Very funny…..

    No….we just throw out truck numbers. And, of course, it goes without saying that a road trip in California is pretty much fruitless. Now, if you’re just playing amongst yourselves, I suppose that you can establish any rules that you want, but between Amanda and I…..

    We MUST physically SEE a number in numerical order. You can’t count “003” if you pass it and then see “002” a mile down the road. You have to turn around and track down “003” and actually see it after “002” in order to count it. You can be in a car or on foot or whatever…..but….the person looking for the number has to actually see it.

    It’s perfectly ok to “scout” numbers in your neighborhood…or the school parking lot or wherever so you know where to go find them when you need them.

    Hugs and Giggles!

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