Still Stalling….

So…..I got another Starbucks…..and I pulled a few weeds along the driveway when I got home (see today’s earlier post)….

….then I checked my “Blog Stats”.  One of the nice things about a WordPress blog is that bloggers have a page where they can check how many hits they’re getting, how people are finding their blog (links on other sites, search engines, etc.)…..and you also get alerts when your blog is quoted….

…..well, honest to goodness, when I got home, I found that my earlier “Random Thoughts” post from today has been quoted on an mp3 download site…..the part where I babble about how I can’t really sing!  So….this is a warning!  If you should somehow stumble upon “Carrie Davis sings The Marriage of Figaro” or “Carrie Davis:  My Greatest Hits”, DO NOT download them to your iPod….you’ll be very disappointed!


One thought on “Still Stalling….

  1. Hi Carrie,
    Your posts always make my day! You are a source of my optimism and good mood. Congratulations on Herbie’s G-placements the last wekend!
    Many hugs from Toffee and Oliver.

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