I think I’ll go here today…….Luigi will stay home, he doesn’t like to get his toes wet.


3 thoughts on “Sardinia

  1. Traveled with you to Sardinia for a few minutes today, beautiful beach – did you know that historians believe that Sardinia grew the first grapes and their grapes are the basis for all of Europe’s wines today? I bet you did – imagine the history you imbibed with every sip of Sardinia’s best varietal today.

    Love your blog – glad to see whenever you had the chance to laugh or cry that you picked laughter. Well you have beagles and Luigi – how could you not! Believe it or not, there does come a day when life is not divided between ‘before cancer’ and ‘after cancer’ and you look back — and laugh!

    A vous! Betsy

  2. Betsy! I thought I saw you in Sardinia today! LOL! 🙂 It’s nice to hear from you. So far so good…..anti-nausea meds are great and my hair is just thinning…..I got it cut and colored today….I feel like a whole new girl.


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