If Life Throws You A Lemon……

……throw it in your juicer and make green lemonade!

More on that in a minute. Hi Everyone! I’m back! I left Friday afternoon for dog shows in eastern Washington, I returned Sunday night, spent all day Monday going from one appointment, or meeting, to the next and yesterday, of course, was tax day…..plus the deadline for a scholarship application…..and a few other things that needed immediate attention. Today I’ll be catching up on my e-mail, my bills, my laundry…….and my blog!

Last week I bought myself a juicer. I’d been using mom’s circa 1980’s Juiceman to see if this was something I wanted to embrace and, having made juicing a habit, it was time to get a new juicer. I did my homework and decided on the Breville Juice Fountain Plus…..affordably priced, fairly easy to clean and it does a good job. Juicing is a good way to add to my daily fluid intake and it’s a good source of enzymes and nutrients. It’s also a great way to use bits of produce that might otherwise be thrown away.

I make Green Lemonade on a regular basis and I’ve started experimenting with other combinations. Last night I made a juice from half of a pineapple, one apple, one lemon and half of a lime. It was very good! 🙂


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