I Just Want A Nap….

It’s 7:45 pm and Dancing with the Stars is gonna be on in a few minutes so I’m going to make this brief…

I want a nap!

Ok….that’s too brief….and I have a few more minutes…..

Chemo treatments are catching up with me.  I came home from CVP last Tuesday and slept for the rest of the day and, for the last week, I’ve been “done” for the day at about 8 or 9 pm and able to sleep straight through until 6 am.  For a lifelong insomniac, this is not whining……this is cause for rejoicing!!!!  🙂

I am fatigued, though.  I first realized that I needed a nap at about 11 am this morning and one thing led to another…..as it always does….and here it is 7:47 pm and I’ve been on the go all day with no rest.  Priorities are still in order, though…..I WILL NOT miss Dancing With the Stars.

Hair loss continues and Lesley said today that my hair does look thinner.  She also asked if I’d lost weight and, while I have lost a couple of pounds, the baggy appearance of my clothes was actually due to “Carrie needs to do some laundry and she’s wearing her chubby jeans”.

The rash on the inside of my legs persists.  My oncologist thought that it was just a “contact rash” but I know that it’s due to the chemo….or the rituxan….or all of the detoxing that I’ve been doing.  I soaked in Epsom salts last night and that helped for an hour or so but then the itching came back.  Sometimes it’s just red, occasionally it itches and sometimes it hurts.  All in all, though, it’s not a big deal and I’m feeling great…….just tired.

It’s 8:00……….


3 thoughts on “I Just Want A Nap….

  1. Although I have never been to your blog, I do visit your website regularly… for some reason I finally noticed the word BLOG tonight and came to visit.
    I am happy to see you being upbeat and continuing on with your life.. your type of courage and spirit should give others the strength to move forward in life when under such great stress.
    Tonight I learned something new…. you have children!!! I had NO idea!! I could see them being just like you.. beautiful and strong women!
    See you at an upcoming show!
    BTW…. in regard to an earlier post…I do love your red and white group and specialty winning beagle!!

  2. Hey Carrie,

    We’ve got parallel symptoms again I think. I’m finding myself near constantly tired lately, and I too had a mysterious rash on my leg and one on my side… zinc ointment has helped with both, but goodness this does get wearing doesn’t it. I don’t know about you, but my red blood cell count was quite low last round as well, which may explain some of the tiredness.

    Anyway, hope your tests come out well and this is all over for you and you’re back to your normal healthy life soon.


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