Herbie Is Home!

First G1

Herbie has taken a break from traveling the country to spend some time with me this week!  It’s good to have him home!!!  He’s lovely to look at but he’s even nicer to live with…..very well-behaved and loves to be with people.  We watched Dancing with the Stars together earlier this week and we’ve been taking naps together.  Today we fell asleep and forgot to pick Amanda up at school…..ooops!!!

The fatigue continues to be my biggest issue.  Two years ago, I was at the UW sleep clinic trying to cure my insomnia and now….if I put my head down, I fall asleep!  I’m not complaining…..I like it!!!  It’s great, for once in my life, to be able to sleep.  I’m able to get through the day, do what I need to do, but there’s a constant feeling that if I layed down, I’d be out for the rest of the day.  I’m also experiencing the now familiar “Week 2 chills” and neuropathy in my fingers and toes.  The rash on my legs persists…..painful when I shower or soak in a tub and occasionally itchy.


3 thoughts on “Herbie Is Home!

  1. Glad to read that you have Herbie to cuddle this week. Must feel great to be with your champs. Rest is good; hope you do not feel guilt. Rest will make you strong.

  2. There is nothing greater then a dog at your side. I don’t think I would get through life without them. Especially my dachshunds, they such clowns that they make me laugh all the time. Life is great when you have a dog at your side.

    I have had many of curves that life had required me to take, but nothing that I couldn’t handle, because the Higher Power put my (four legged) best friend at my side.

    May their love heal us all.

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