Amanda News…

I have a couple of Amanda announcements for friends and family who are tuning in….

First, earlier this week, Amanda officially accepted admission to Pacific Lutheran University for Fall 2008.  She’s hoping to be accepted into the International Honors program and will probably double major in Music and English/Journalism/Communications (something like that) or Global Studies.  PLU is located in Tacoma, WA, about 40 minutes from home.  I’m excited because this means that she can come home on the weekends and go to church with my on Sunday…..and sing the high notes (as a courtesy to those around me, I drop out when the notes go above middle B).  You’re welcome!  🙂

Next Wednesday, Amanda will appear in Kentwood High School’s production of Fiddler In The Roof.  There was great drama at Kentwood lately when the insurance guy said that he would not allow the Fiddler to actually stand on the roof.  It’s ok to hurl cheerleaders in the air, put a javelin in the hands of a teenage boy, and play football, for goodness sake!….but who knows what could happen when teenager tries to play a violin on a six foot high platform on stage!!!  Sheeeesh!  So apparently, to appease the insurance guy, the Fiddler will now be IN the roof…..

For those wanting to see a Fiddler IN A Roof, the musical opens next Wednesday at 7 pm…..

May 7, 8, 9, 10 and May 14, 15, 16 and 17

Tickets are $10 at the door or online at


2 thoughts on “Amanda News…

  1. That’s great! PLU is a really good school. I have been doing wonderful. I wrote you last week about being scared about a surgery to remove a tumor in the armpit. The allergy season has complicated things a bit, they doctor though is not so sure that the set back is due to allergies.

    All of my glands are swallen, breast, armpits, legpits, all of the neck glands. I had a fever all week and the now I am exhausted. I feel like I had a great battle this weekend and I am not sure if I was a complete winner because I feel drained and no energy to fight if this happens to bring a round two.

    The fall following next I should be going to the UW. I get stuff from them a lot “I am an honor-Dean’s List Student”. I don’t want to tranfer until I get the two AAS so that I have less classes to take at the University level.

    I know how hard it is getting to get into a great school, I bet your gleaming with pride.

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