Staying Busy….

After praying for weeks for the “Car Cleaning Fairies” to come, I finally broke down today and vacuumed my car myself.  At this point, Marie is laughing because she knows that, at best, this a semi-annual event.  I love my Honda Element but I’ve never shared my brother’s (Peter, the auto dealer) fascination with motor vehicles.  He can tell you things about any make, of any car, of any vintage that you can name…….my eyes just glaze over.  (Not unlike the look on my poor puppy buyers’ faces when I start babbling on about pedigrees and breeding!).  I love my car because it gets me to Starbucks and dog shows.  It has lots of “Starbucks Holders” and it holds lots of crates…..that’s all I ask for in a car.

So….today, when I returned home from Starbucks with my Americano and croissant, I…..myself (crummy fairies!)…….vacuumed my car, removing six months worth of accumulated “croissant poop”.  I even used some of that Armorall stuff…..

Earlier today, I bathed poor Luigi.  What a grubby little man he was!  We have a show this weekend so I have grooming to do this afternoon.  With wirehaired dachshunds, this involves stripping the coat, ie. plucking the hairs out with my fingers.  Hopefully I can do a decent job.  I’ve been experiencing numbness in my fingertips this week, due to the chemo, and I’m not sure how long my fingers will hold out.


One thought on “Staying Busy….

  1. Carrie, another thing we have in common…I wait for the “Car Cleaning Fairies” to visit me too…Never happens… 😦

    Congrats to Amanda on her accomplishments!

    Take care… 🙂

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