Halfway Through Chemo

Today began the fourth of six R-CVP cycles that I will receive.  I got Rituxan this morning and will get CVP tomorrow.  I’m very sleepy this afternoon, a result of the pre-meds that I’m given prior to Rituxan.  The rash on my legs got much worse during the second week of cycle three but this morning it was barely evident.  I experienced neuropathy in all of my fingertips during the third cycle but today it was limited to just the tips of my thumbs.  Hair loss has slowed down but, along with all of the other side effects, I expect it to return after tomorrow’s chemo.  All in all, though, chemo really hasn’t been bad.

I attended a day-long Lymphoma workshop on Saturday, sponsored by the Lymphoma Research Foundation.  The main thing that I came away with was the feeling that I’ve done a pretty good job educating myself.  I didn’t hear alot of new information but it was interesting to talk to other NHL patients and compare stories.

Mother’s Day was a quiet day at home, getting chores done, because I know that I’ll be sleepy this week.


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