Good Weekend

Another great weekend for Herbie…..a specialty BOV on Friday and a G1 and a G2 on the weekend!!! His mother, Sophie, has come in season…..with perfect timing….bless her heart! I LOVE Sophie! She’s a petite 13″ tri-color bitch with enough personality for 12 beagles! I’ll be breeding her next week with the litter due in late July……when chemo is over and just in time for my birthday. I’ve been running around squealing in anticipation all weekend! I love having a litter of puppies to waste my time….especially at this time of year.

Nadir hits about now…..a week out from my fourth chemo treatment. I had that metallic taste in my mouth yesterday that makes my coffee taste funny and neuropathy in my fingers is starting to return. I’ve lost a bit more hair over the last couple of days but I still have plenty (no sequins yet!).

Lightheadedness and “chemo brain” come and go, making it hard to concentrate on my reading yesterday.Ā  I find myself doing mental games to work on my ability to focus. Babble has become a favorite pastime…


3 thoughts on “Good Weekend

  1. I am SO glad to hear you are doing well and planning to start breeding again very soon. Congrats on Herbie – what a star!

  2. Hello Carrie,

    Congrats to Herbie! I hope he will stay to be no 1! That will be nice thing you will have puppies licking your face again. šŸ™‚

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