CT Scan Today

This morning I’ll be having a CT scan to see if the tumor in my stomach has shrunk. With four of six R-CVP treatments behind me, I’m anxious to see how effective the treatments have been. I have an appointment with my oncologist on Friday to get the results and my fifth treatment is scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday.

The migraines that I had all last week continued through the weekend so I decided to come home a day early, on Sunday. That night, while I was up in the kennel, unloading the car, I had a pretty dramatic migraine aura….extreme dizziness and strobing vision. I hadn’t had an aura that dramatic since shortly after my seizure three years ago and I almost called Larry to come get me. I’m migraine-free this morning so hopefully this episode is behind me.

One last observation before I leave the cancer topic: I went to the mall while I was in Spokane, shopping for summer tops…..why is it that chemo causes you to lose the hair on your head and not the hairs that only seem to show up in fitting rooms…..the random hairs on your chin, your upper lip…..and that silly hair in the center of your chest???

Cancer topic over! Now for the dog news…. I showed Luigi twice this weekend and went reserve on Saturday, Winner’s on Sunday for another point…..four more single points to go. Meanwhile, Herbie was in Michigan where he earned a G2 and a G3 this weekend, in the company of the #1 Harrier and the #1 Whippet….Hooray for Herbie! He shared beagle ring this weekend with half-siblings, Helio and Ava, who went WD and WB/BOW both days…..Hooray, again! Finally…..I bred Herbie’s mother, Sophie, this weekend to Starbuck Torbay Trouble After Midnite, aka “Mister”. It’s a gene pool that has worked well in the past and I’m looking forward to having a litter at the end of July.


5 thoughts on “CT Scan Today

  1. We shall expect good news on Friday 🙂 Congrats to your pack especially Herbie who is enjoying his wins every week.

  2. Sorry to hear about your migranes. I have had those for many years, and it can get really really bad, so I know exactly how you feel. A great pill is Imitrex it can take even the worst migrane and it has saved me in many occations where I could not let the migraine stop me. It’s important to treat migrane at the first sign, often it’s much harder to get rid of if you wait even a couple of hours. But yours is caused by treatment so it could be very different for you.

    I am crossing Marlo’s paws and my fingers for a good result on the CT scan.

    Take care, Christina

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