Chemotherapy, Cycle 5

Thank you to everyone who wrote over the weekend.  Your messages of support are very much appreciated!  The news on Friday was disappointing but not unexpected.  I’d been feeling full again last week, unable to sit comfortably after eating a normal dinner, and I suspected that the R-CVP was not working.  My tumor has shrunk a bit but there is still a substantial amount left.

This morning I’ll go in for round five:  Rituxan this morning and CVP tomorrow.  The final round of chemo will be on June 23rd and 24th and then I’ll take a few months to recover before having surgery in October.


3 thoughts on “Chemotherapy, Cycle 5

  1. I’m so crushed your treatments didn’t work, even though I knew your tumor was a slow growing tumor; I just so wanted your scans to come back positive for shrinkage. Really disappointing results with respect to the Rituximab as well. I’m sure the surgery will be good though; not easy, but good, and your attitude is a true blessing. I’m sure it will pull you through everything, but just in case, you’re in my prayers and the prayers of my family. Take care.

  2. Hey Carrie-
    I was diagnosed Nov 8th 2011, I just found your site and boy I can relate to the rituxan treatment-I have had 7 treatments- got a ct scan tommorrow, I’m praying for some shrinkage.
    I love your pics of the treatment area- during your pic you were awake I’m normally sleep from the benadryl

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