Tales From This Weekend…..

I dread this time of year: the last two weeks of May, the first couple weeks of June. If you have kids, this time of year is a flurry of end of the school year activities, concerts, recitals…….and on and on. I LOVE September…..kids go back to school and life returns to normal……but June!….June is just exhausting!

This year, our youngest daughter, Amanda, graduates from high school so the activity level has hit a crescendo lately and Saturday night was the Senior Prom. Amanda had a great time and her date, Emmitt, is a very nice young man……

……I didn’t go to my Senior Prom. Like my uber-intellectual daughters, I had a heavy course load in my senior year: organic chemistry, physics, English lit, economics, Latin. I was an extremely shy, self-professed geek who loved John Denver and for fun that year, I took a high school agriculture class. At the beginning of the school year, my ag teacher learned that for several years I had been one of of the top horse judges in the state and he asked if I wanted to join the livestock judging team that would compete at state next month. “YES!!!” I exclaimed with geeky enthusiasm. At that point, I didn’t know a Cheviot from a Chester White, a gilt from a wether, but for the next 30 days I was obsessed. I studied the breed type of every breed of beef cattle, swine and sheep (wool and meat breeds), I got as much hands-on experience as I could get, and I spent many late nights composing written reasons for classes that I had imagined. I was possessed! I didn’t have pictures of boys or teen idols on my walls…….I had Angus heifers and Duroc boars! LOL!!! My social life might have suffered but the hard work paid off……I WON the written and oral reasons competition at state and placed third overall, earning a spot on the state team to compete at Nationals in Kansas City in November (where I was a bronze medalist).

When “Livestock Judging Season” was over, I threw myself into the natural extension of livestock judging…….MEATS judging! Seriously! There really is such a thing and I spent much of my senior year in meat lockers, studying carcasses. Saturday nights were spent at the Safeway meat counter, memorizing cuts of meat. My social life continued to suffer (LOL!!! Surprise!!!)…….but again my efforts paid off, this time winning the state Meats Judging contest with a nearly perfect score, blowing away the rest of the competition. LOL!!! What a geek!

So……I didn’t date or go to dances in high school. Well, there were a couple of exceptions. I did go on one date and it wasn’t until just a few years ago that I realized why……and someday I’m going to ask Paul how many extra credit points our organic chem teacher, Mr. Parker, gave him to ask me out!

I did go to a few Friday night after football game dances, too, and…in true geeky form…..I prepared for these as well! At Snohomish High School, at lunch time during my senior year, they offered……brace yourself…….disco dance classes!!! Yup!!! There I was…..learning to hustle! Only one boy ever asked me to dance at those Friday night dances……and I was so shocked I said “No”. (Amanda heard this story for the first time Sunday night and it had us laughing hysterically for 10 minutes).

In dog show news….it was a good weekend…for the most part. I was supposed to show Luigi on Saturday but he came up lame Friday night and couldn’t be shown. On Sunday I showed Tony for the first time and he was reserve to a 4-point major, his half-brother, “Bob”, Starbuck Torbay Spellbound (both boys are Herbie sons):

Starbuck Torbay Spellbound

Bob earned back-to-back 4-point majors this weekend. On the east coast, another Herbie son, Talbot Hill Twist of Lemon, also earned back-to-back 4-point majors, and yesterday, Herbie earned a group 3 in a big hound group.

And…finally….a chemo update: I’m happily over the prednisone-induced depression of last week and the metallic taste in my mouth that usually accompanies week one has gone away. I’m off prednisone and into week two of my fifth cycle.  Week 2 has been the most difficult week of chemotherapy for me and it seems that something new happens with each cycle. I have neuropathy in all of my fingertips this morning and my hair continues to fall out. I get frustrated with my hair these days…..at least I have hair, I suppose……but it’s thin and fine and whispy…..and has a mind of it’s own. I’m beginning to think that a scarf would be the best way to deal with it.


4 thoughts on “Tales From This Weekend…..

  1. Amanda is so pretty and this photo captures it! This post had me laughing about your high school years. You’re no geek to us, Carrie! 🙂 And of course, all your beagles look amazing. Even the sleepy one on my couch! LOL.

  2. Wow, that beagle is GORGEOUS. I’ve been a beagle foster mama for years and our rescue dogs don’t typically hold a candle to that beautiful boy. Well, in looks at least.

    Every beagle has a heart of gold.

  3. Hey Again Carrie,

    That beagle is gorgeous, and so is your daughter. As for geekdom, I was a latin scholar as well… I continued my studies well on into college… I was always happy in my geekdom though, seems like you were as well.

    Take care, Jackie

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