Today’s mental travel photo has nothing to do with the title of this post, I just thought that it was pretty…..a beach on the southwestern coast of Norway.

“Junuary” is the term that local forecasters in Seattle are using to describe the recent weather in our area. On Monday, a big storm came through and knocked out power, cable/internet and phones! Last night, the weatherman was saying that we have to average highs of 65 degrees every day for the rest of the month or this will be the coldest June on record, and yesterday, they had 8 inches of snow on Snoqualmie pass, just 45 minutes from our home, with traction tires advised!

So, it may be cold and wet outside but I have springtime in my kitchen window. Yesterday, a dear friend sent me a bouquet of tulips….a bit of spring to brighten up a rather gloomy day. I received cards in the mail, too, from friends at church and on Monday, inspired by my friend, Lesley, I had a day of pampering. I took one look at the nasty weather outside Monday morning and thought, “OH NO! Not another bad hair day!” My hair has gotten thin and fine and it frizzes up terribly in wet weather. So….I called my salon and they had just had a cancellation! I got a cut & color, I got waxed (why can’t I lose the hairs that I’d really like to be rid of????) and I got a manicure & pedicure. I felt like a whole new girl! I have to say, though, that there’s nothing more humbling than having a stranger remove the toenail poop from your feet!

I watched Oprah yesterday and listened to Kris Carr and Randy Pausch describe their journeys with cancer. They face each day with courage and positive attitude. If there’s a positive side to cancer, it might be the gift of time, to face your own future and to choose to live those days well. We’re all going to die, but cancer forces us to face our mortality while at the same time giving us time to examine the life that we’re living and the time that we have left. Cancer has shown me just how many good friends I have…..and every e-mail, card, gift or gesture is so very much appreciated!!! Cancer has taught me to slow down and take care of myself, too. I’ve been a busy, on-the-go, multi-tasking mom for 20 years and I never said, “No. I have to take some time for myself now”. Now I do. When my body says, “You’d better go take a nap or you’re gonna plop over”…..I listen. I have so much to do, I am so far behind on returning e-mail (Forgive Me!!!), but now I make rest and taking care of myself a priority…..and I pray that others will understand.

I’m in week 2 of cycle 5 and, as usually happens, this is the week that I feel the worst. I’m fatigued. I rolled out of bed this morning after a medically-induced good night’s sleep and felt like I needed to go back to bed for another 8 hours. I’m also working hard to keep constipation at bay. No pain, no headaches, only very mild neuropathy……I’m just very exhausted.


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