Power Lines and Cancer

In recent years, concern has been raised about the relationship between electromagnetic fields and increased risk of cancer.  “Googling” will turn up just as many articles that support that concern as those that “pooh-pooh” the idea.  The following article cites a Tasmanian study showing an increased risk of lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma in those living near powerlines:


We have lived less than 100 yards away from power lines for nearly six years.  It’s one of the things that, oddly enough, attracted us to our property.  We were looking for “dog property”….a secluded home for us and our dogs where we wouldn’t bother our neighbors.  We bought our house the day that it came on the market, knowing that it would be the perfect place for our hobby…..

Now I have non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and, this afternoon, our daughter, Amanda, will have an MRI to help diagnose a mass on her foot.  Frankly, I tend to side with the Tasmanians…..


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