Out Of Town

WOW! My blog had a lot of hits yesterday and I haven’t written for a few days so I guess I ought to write something…

I am out of town for a week, housesitting for friends. It’s been a great opportunity for me to just relax and get some rest. I’ve been stuffing myself with local strawberries, trying to finish Pillars of the Earth (great book, 973 pages…I’m almost done), watching Wimbledon and I’ve tried some non-alcohol wine…..YUCK! I’m down to one cup of coffee per day….

What a sad existence…LOL!!….no coffee, no wine….

Someone found my blog yesterday by “googling”…”Pole Dancing Nurses”!  LOL!  No, no….that was me, not my nurse….



One thought on “Out Of Town

  1. That strawberry looks delicious. Oh I miss Florida’s strawberry festival at times. It’s strawberry season here in good old Queensland, but I miss all the festivity of the festival (fresh strawberry ice cream, strawberries dipped in dark chocolate)…

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