The Poor Man’s Garden

“Yes, in the poor man’s garden grow
Far more than herbs and flowers–
Kind thoughts, contentment, peace of mind,
And joy for weary hours.”

Mary Howitt, 1799-1888
English poet

I found this photo and poem on Flickr this morning.

This last weekend was a weekend of highs and lows…..but I’m not gonna dwell on the lows! The highs…

“Mister”, sire of Sophie’s litter (due on Sunday), was Best in Sweeps at the CWBC Specialty and earned a major the following day.

“Bella”, Herbie’s daughter, was WB for a 5 point major at the CWBC Specialty.

“Bob”, Herbie’s son, was RWD at the CWBC Specialty.

“Prada” earned a major under breeder/judge, Eeva Resko, and needs just three singles to finish.

Littermates, “Helio” and “Ava”, from Sophie’s second litter (by CH. Someday’s Without A Trace) both earned 4-point majors and Ava won the puppy sweepstakes group over 69 other hound puppies.

WOW! Ya know….you list them like that and it looks like a pretty good weekend!

Sophie is now with us and her litter is due on Sunday. I’m guessing that she’ll have four puppies…..maybe five. She surprised me last time and pulled one more “out of her pants leg”. I don’t know where she was hiding that last one!

I’m doing well…..less tired, less brain fog….but, unfortunately, less hair, too. I’m now 4 weeks post chemo and my hair is still falling out.


3 thoughts on “The Poor Man’s Garden

  1. I can’t wait to hear when the puppies are born. I hope you will post cute puppy pictures!

    I am still struggling with brain fog. Hope yours goes away soon!

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