Life Goes On….

….and I’m another year older. I laugh at myself as I type those ellipses….. There’s a line in Mamma Mia where Sophie explains to her friends about “dot, dot, dot”…..”they used them a lot in the olden days”. Amanda and I laughed because I “dot, dot, dot” a lot! 🙂

I added a category cloud to my blog today to see how prevalent “Life Goes On” has been as a category on my blog. As I knew that it would be, it’s the most prominent category. Life does go on, in spite of cancer. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is now a part of who I am but it doesn’t dominate my life. I was just talking to mom about the sense of kinship that you have with other cancer survivors and how helpful it is to share your own experience with others. I love to read blogs and memoirs or talk to people about their journey with cancer but I don’t dwell on my own personal journey. I just take each day as it comes and keep moving forward….

I sat in the courtyard this morning with my cup of coffee, listening to the birds and looking up at the clouds…..or, down at the clouds reflected in the glass table top. A jet flew overhead and I wondered where it was headed. I recalled cloudy mornings in Denmark and England then thought ahead to places that I’d like to see….Venice, Bruges, Spain. Today’s photo is Mallorca….I’d like to go there, too.

No sign of puppies yet. Sophie’s tired of being pregnant and I can see some busy babies moving around inside her. I’m SO excited to have puppies again. Tia has been bred to Spencer and will have her litter in Louisiana around the end of September. Tony has been sold to a breeder in Mexico and will be leaving sometime next week.

So…what are my plans for my birthday? Not much….and that’s just fine! I’ve been very good about detoxing so a steak and glass of red wine would be nice.


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