Puppy Names

“I can’t believe that your puppies have names already!”

“I had a lot of time on my hands, sitting in that chemo chair!”  LOL!!!

I’ve always named my puppies right away.  It’s more personal than calling them Boy 1, Boy 2, etc.  I keep lists of names in a book….there’s a “French” list, a “Simple” list, a “Wild” list.  The theme for this litter is “Colors” and the name that inspired the theme was “True Colors”, with the obvious call name “Huey”……<giggle> “Poor Puppy!”.

Herbie’s registered name combines the names of his parents, “Matter of Time” and “Secret Garden”, giving him the registered name “Thyme After Time”, and the obvious call name was “Herbie”….again, “Poor Puppy”.  🙂  Time After Time is also the name of a Cyndi Lauper song and when I recently heard her song “True Colors” I thought, “AH HA!”  That’s the name for Herbie’s baby brother.  (I ruled out “She Bop” for one of the girls!  LOL!)  The list of names grew from there….

The next name that I came up with was The Color Purple.  Sophie (Sophia) and Mister are the parents of this litter, they are also two of the main characters in The Color Purple and “Celie” is the name of another of the characters.  There’s a line in The Color Purple….

“I think it’d piss God off if anybody even walked past the color Purple in a field and not notice it.”

That line has stuck with me and I’ve had this burning desire to call a puppy “Purple” for the longest time.  For now, she’ll remain Celie.

“Flying Colors”.  I love that name, too.  It’s also the name of a thoroughbred filly born in 1939.  I love horse racing and I have a list of race horse names, too…

So, that’s how my names evolve.  Puppy owners can change the call names…if they don’t want to call their new puppy “Huey” or “Purple”…but while they’re here, they each have their own little identity.

Mom and puppies are doing well.  I’ll post a family photo later today.


2 thoughts on “Puppy Names

  1. Carrie –

    It’s Jenny, just chilling over at WSU. I went to check out the Talbot Hill website and that video of the pups first getting their puppy food is so adorable that I was baby-talking the computer screen! =) It makes me want to puppy-sit beyond all reason. I can’t wait to move into an apartment that allows pets, because there’s a very good chance I’ll adopt a beagle/beagle-mix. Or a Silken Windhound, if you’re familiar with them. They’re a gorgeous new sight-hound breed that registered with the AKC only a few years ago.

    Anyways, just thought I would leave a note and let you know that you’re in my thoughts; Amanda too. =)

    – Jenny

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