Does This Make Sense To You?

Today’s photo: Santorini….again. I needed something positive to focus on after just getting off the phone with my oncologist’s office. My last CT scan was at the end of May and we learned that the R-CVP chemo had resulted in minimal shrinkage of my tumor. I’ve known since June that I would have a PET scan the week of August 18th and my onocologist office would send my PET request to Valley Medical Center for scheduling. I still don’t have an appointment so I called this morning to see when I would be going in. I got this response:

“They don’t schedule PET scans until the week before. Someone will call you next week and let you know when your appointment is”.

“You’re kidding!” I replied.

“No”, she said, “You’re just supposed to keep that week open”.

Well….that just left me speechless….and gave me a blog topic for today.  This is a  different story than the one I was given when I was originally told  that I’d have a PET scan.  At that time I was told to expect a call from “the PET people” within a week or two to schedule an appointment.  “…keep that week open!!??”  Aaagghh!


2 thoughts on “Does This Make Sense To You?

  1. That is total arrogance on their part to expect people to keep an entire week open! Must feel pretty confident that people won’t complain and risk substandard care!

    Hug one of those adorable puppies! (Pets that make sense!)

  2. That does not make sense to me. Maybe just request a scan for next week and get the thing schedule today … ? Wishing you calm while you work with the network.

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