Remember This One?

This is one of my happy places. Someday when I go to Santorini I’m going to have to find this place.

Today I’m grumpy. I still don’t have an appointment for my PET scan next week. For those of you who have asked what a PET scan is, here’s a link: This will be my first PET scan, a 4 -6 hour procedure. I’ve been anticipating this scan since June but still don’t have an appointment so I had to call this afternoon and get a bit “bitchy” with someone (please excuse my language, I am a dog breeder, after all). I’m still waiting…..

… are all of the other appointments that I need to schedule next week…..

Later that afternoon…..

….my oncologist’s office called just before 5:00.  The orders for the PET scan were sent to the PET scan people on July 3rd.  They didn’t return calls this afternoon so we don’t know why I don’t have an appointment yet.


One thought on “Remember This One?

  1. I too am waiting for an appointment, to get my port out. It has been a week and I have not gotten a call. I want to get it scheduled so I can get a scedule made out for the kids! UG 😉

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