Chemo-Induced Menopause

One of the potential side effects of chemotherapy, particularly for women in their 40’s (I’m 46) is chemo-induced menopause.  I completed six cycles of R-CVP in June 2008 and had my last period following the 4th cycle.  I’m now 2.5 months post chemo and my periods have not yet returned……the hot flashes and chills that I experienced prior to my diagnosis last fall……have.  😦

November 2008 update:  Still no period, hot flashes continue.  This week I began acupuncture treatments to help reduce the hot flashes.

December 25, 2008:  My period returned today, approximately 7 months after my last one.  My hot flashes had disappeared over the last three weeks and I had attributed that to the acupuncture treatments that I’d been receiving.  Perhaps that was the case….or perhaps they fixed me so well that the hot flashes went away as everything else began to function as it should.  I think that I’d rather have the hot flashes…..  😦


One thought on “Chemo-Induced Menopause

  1. I am 50 yrs young. I am in chemo-indced menopause. I haven’ had a period since my first cycle. That was in Nov of 2007. I have hot flashes like crazy, and night sweats. I have mood swings and can’t seem to loose weight anymore. I guess all that is normal. The part that isn’t normal is my in ability to be a wife (have sex) with my husband of 26 yrs. I am so sore inside. I know its comming from my urinary tract, but the doctor thinks i’m crazy. My urologist said it ia a side effect from chemo, but doesn’t know how to counteract it. Does anyone know anything about this side effect? It started about the fourth or fifth round of chemo. I had a masectomy in Jan of this year. I feel sooo unwifely!!!!!! Thanks.

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