This picture has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post….it’s simply beautiful and relaxing. A calming picture as I report today that…..sigh…..apparently I am getting old. I know. I know. It’s hard to believe…..

Five days ago, I sent my youngest child off to college and I now inhabit an empty nest. Thank goodness for a litter of puppies to inflict love upon. Chemo has left me with an inability to multi-task as I used to, a tough reality as I frantically try to deal with a million things in preparation for a trip to Nationals in two weeks. Today I innocently went to the dentist for a cleaning and, knowing my dental phobias, they said, “Carrie, you need to replace a filling and we have time today… ’bout it?” Then, during my exam, my dentist discovered that I need…..a CROWN! I don’t even know what that is but I’m getting one on Thursday and I’m more stressed out about that than I am about losing most of my stomach next month. And, finally, my daughters will find out here on my blog, because I can’t bear to tell them myself, I now own…….reading glasses!!!

I pause now, to enjoy the sound of my daughters’ laughter in my head….

I’ve always had perfect vision but, since chemo, I’ve found it difficult to focus on my reading. Someday I’ll fit in a trip to the optometrist, but it’ll have to wait until after my surgery.


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