If You See Me At Fred Meyer….

….feel free to step up and ask me your nutritional questions! Everyone else does!!! Twice in the last week, I’ve had complete strangers ask me for nutritional advice! Last week, I was stuffing two bunches of kale into a bag when a lady stepped up and said….

“Excuse me. What do you use that for? I’m trying to eat healthier and I know that I should eat kale but I don’t know what to do with it”.

“Good for you!” I said. “Kale is high in calcium and lots of other good things but it’s one of the weird things that you’re not always sure how to use. I juice mine (gave her the green lemonade recipe) or I saute it or chop it and put it in soup”. Blah, blah blah….I went on and on….

Then today, I was in the vitamin aisle of the health food section looking for B12 since I’m mostly vegetarian now (vegetarians must supplement with B12). The lady next to me asked…

“Do you know if they make a combination iron and vitamin C pill?”

“No, they don’t” I said. “Are you anemic?” I asked.

“No, my doctor recommended iron for a condition that I have” she said.

“Ah, well, what you need is 18 mg iron and you should take it with vitamin C on an empty stomach to maximize absorption” I said.

“Do you know if it helps with mood swings?” she asked.

“It might” I said. I wanted to go into the benefits of magnesium supplements but decided that might be too much information….


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