When I saw this photo on Flickr this morning, I laughed to myself…”now that’s a collection of stones!” I have a much smaller collection of stones, “good luck stones” from around the world; some that I collected myself, some that were given to me by friends. Holding those stones brings back memories of a trip, a beach, or the friends that I shared the journey with.

Earlier this year, Amanda and I shared an afternoon with a very special neighbor who shares a passion for stones….her collection looks more like the picture above than mine! There’s a bend in our road where, for several years, strange and ever-changing stacks of rocks would appear and Amanda and I would wonder how they came to be. One day, as we left on one of our many adventures, we discovered our neighbor, “the rock lady”, adding a stone to one of the cairns. “AH HA!!!!” we laughed!!! “We’ve caught you! Now we know who’s doing this!” From then on, Amanda and I would add a stone or create our own cairn as we rounded the bend.

I recently read an article in Sunset magazine about a man in Bellingham who, for years, has gone down to the beach and stacked rocks as a form of meditation. He calls it….”Stone Yoga”. This inspired my graduation gift to Amanda… ornate box, containing a small collection of stones….one from home, one from “the rock lady”, one from Denmark (a place that she would like to see) and one from Italy (a place where she has been). She has added a stone from church and one from PLU. I told her to try a little “Stone Yoga” when she needs to destress…..think of home, and friends, where you’ve been, where you’re going and the things that keep you grounded.

I’m going to end this meditation with a message of “Thanks!”… all of the “Rocks” in my life….those of you who have helped me get through this last year. Thank You!


2 thoughts on “Stones

  1. you should take a look at the collection of rock around my garden (and in the house) sometime. My father has taken to varnishing them to keep the ‘wet’ look and enhance the color.

  2. How funny I’m a stone collector too. When I visited Europe I collected stones from every country I visited (two in Paris, one from the Latin Quarter and one from Montmartre near Sacre Coeur… both places I’d fallen in love with. Also one from the beaches on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I still have them all… they came with me when I made my move to Aus.

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