Putting My Ducks In A Row

I got home yesterday afternoon and I’ve been busy putting my ducks in a row ever since…..

I had my last Starbucks this morning…..and then another last Starbucks later this morning when I was out running errands…..

I’ve filled out my living will and had it notarized. Now I need to take it to the post office…..which is right across the street from Starbucks….

Pick up some dog food. Vaccinate, worm, and take photos of puppies. Do nails, ears and heartworm meds for adult dogs….

Unpack from trip and do laundry….

Wade through two weeks worth of mail and bills…..

Try to return e-mail and phone calls…..

Lesley has suggested one last glass of a really good wine…..Sequel, perhaps! 😛 Great idea, Lesley! I think that I can fit in a trip to the wine store.

Tonight I’ll drive down to PLU to attend the Holden Evening Prayer Service with Amanda. It’s a service that our church does each Wednesday night during Lent and it’s a favorite of ours. The service is held every Tuesday evening at PLU and next week Amanda will lead the service. I’m hoping to be well enough to attend that service, too.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and messages of support….they mean so much to me!!! I’m at peace with what lies ahead and actually anxious to see what they find and what they’ll do. Amanda will be my “Guest Blogger” over the next week and will post news of my surgery tomorrow. I’ll be admitted to Valley Medical Center (Renton, WA) tomorrow morning at 8:30 am and my surgery is scheduled for 10 am (PDT). The surgery is anticipated to last 1.5 hours.


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