Surgery Today [Updated]

Thank you to everyone for your messages of support! I slept well last night and I’m not the least bit nervous about my surgery this morning.

At 10 am, Dr. Michael Burke will perform a partial gastrectomy, removing my tumor along with half of my stomach, adjacent lymph nodes and possibly my spleen. Amanda will post an update here as soon as possible.

Mom didn’t end up going in for surgery until around noon.  She didn’t get out until 4 or so, and by 6 was finally in her own room.  The surgery went well.  They ended up taking only about a third of her stomach, “several” lymph nodes (she asked how many, but that was the best answer they had), and her vagus nerve, which controls the sphincter at the bottom of the stomach, which regulates how fast the food moves through.  When she had met with her oncologist previously, they had said that they wanted to do everything they could to avoid taking it out, but her doctor says she should be fine without it….

She’s doing well now, but her back hurts and her throat is really sore from having a tube down her throat during surgery.  Every 10 minutes or so, we’re allowed to give her a single ice chip, which she is always very excited to receive. 🙂  She apparently was taking too many too fast earlier, so they had to restrict how many and how often she could have them.  She was also happy when Dad and I brought her pillow, because “the pillows here are crap.”

She is now trying to rest a bit to the pleasant sounds of Rick Steves’ Europe. 🙂

The nurse just walked in to bring Mom sponges on sticks to keep her mouth moist.  She seems to really be enjoying them.  🙂 “Sponges on a stick!  Wheee!”


7 thoughts on “Surgery Today [Updated]

  1. Thank You so much for the post-op report– ice chips, crappy pillows, Rick Steves’ and sponges on sticks. Such insignificant things UNLESS you are
    unaware of them! And I Thank God that she IS aware of them!
    Please tell your Mom that she is still in my thoughts and prayers, actually you all are. One can only imagine what your family has been through today.


  2. Dear Carrrie I just want to say came back soon to your

    family and our friends that love so much,so you are in my

    thoughts and in my prayers.

    Graziella Cava

  3. So great to hear that the op went well and that you are now resting up and still able to make us all laugh with your stories of ice chips and sponges on a stick! …. Take care, Love and Hugs from Pauline, Lee, Lucy, Dee Dee and Sophie (Sophie sends a big sloppy nose kiss too! 🙂 )

  4. Glad all is going well – won’t be long until you are back on your feet and enjoying your Starbucks again!

    Maya says they owe you a big belly rub (probably not appropriate, but her favorite thing) and Marco says WOOF (I think it is get better soon!)

    Take care, we wish you a speedy recovery.

    Ruth, Dan, Marco and Maya

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