Lung Exerciser


In order to prevent pneumonia as I’m confined to a hospital bed, I was given the tool above to exercise my lungs.  10 times every hour, I’m supposed to keep the blue ball on the right between the blue arrows for at least 3 seconds.  Last night I was using “my toy” and Larry was giving me a hard time about my wimpy effort.  I told him that I’d like to see how well he could do it and handed him the toy.  Larry took a deep breath in and blew as hard as he could……but nothing happened.  Well, something did happen….I thought that I might literally “bust a gut” I was laughing so hard.  Larry continued to blow, perhaps a dozen times, but still, nothing happened.  He handed it back to me and I quietly continued my exercises.  The trick is that you inhale….not exhale!   😛


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