Partial Gastrectomy

Lunch today was a hard boiled egg….and I was stuffed afterward! “The Daily Plate” on has been a great tool for me to record everything that I eat throughout the day. It counts calories for me and tracks nutrient intake, too, so I can see where my diet has fallen short. Yesterday I somehow managed to eat 871 calories but felt uncomfortable for much of the day. My days seem to revolve around resting and trying to see how much food I can manage to eat. I don’t seem to be tolerating dairy products well right now. The night that I came home from the hospital, I had a small bowl of ice cream and felt miserable afterward. This morning I had yogurt for breakfast with similar results. I NEVER feel hungry…..just a constant feeling of fullness.

I weigh 124 pounds, 1 pound more than what I weighed when I got married, but I now wear size 2 jeans……something I NEVER did before. Today I’m wearing my “fat jeans” (size 4) because they’re looser and a bit more comfortable to lie around in.

I’ve been “Googling” to find more information about my surgery and it’s affect on my digestive system. I was given almost no nutritional information when I was sent home from the hospital but fortunately there’s plenty on the web. My tumor was located in the upper portion of my stomach, in the back. The top third of my stomach was removed, along with the vagus nerve which went through the diseased area. The vagus nerve is responsible for moving the food through the stomach in order to “keep things moving”.  I also had  pyloroplasty to help food move from the stomach to the lower intestines.  I need to watch out for B12, folate and continuing iron deficiency and potential problems with Dumping Syndrome (food moving to quickly from the stomach to intestines), fat maldigestion, gastric stasis and lactose intolerance. It’s all very interesting…..but I look forward to my first hunger pangs!


3 thoughts on “Partial Gastrectomy

  1. I am surprised that the hospital did not give you a diet to follow. Hope all goes well, you seem to be able to get excellent information.
    I was wondering if you have seen pictures of “Tia’s” puppies. Bayou Oaks said they would not have pictures until they were 4 weeks old.
    Take care.

  2. Hi. I wanted to respond as I had a partial gastrectomy 4 years ago for a “giant gastric ulcer”, I also had my vagus nerve severed. I can totally relate to the sensation of feeling full most of the time but your stomach will eventually stretch out and you will begin to be able to eat more at each meal. I also did not receive nutritional and diet information upon discharge. Initially I had some dumping syndrome and was not able to tolerate soda and other drinks that contained lots of sugar. My scar is very faint right now, which I applaud the skill of my surgeon for! The best of luck to you. Take it slow. God bless.

  3. Carrie, after surfing the net with my obscure symptoms, you have described exactly how I feel after a partial gastrectomy and removal of my oesophagus after a tumour was found. I am NEVER hungry, always feel full and sluggish. I thought it was something I would have to live with, but now I know I don’t. At least I know I am not alone. Thx

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