I’ve been reminded that I never reported on the success of my trip to the mailbox earlier this week. The day after I got home from the hospital, Tini and I walked to the mailbox together. Well…..she trotted on a flexi lead and patiently waited for me to catch up to her as I shuffled along down the street like an old woman. We made it to the mailbox and back (1/2 mile) but Tini was prepared to alert the rescue team in case I didn’t make it. When I got home, I fell into bed and slept for an hour and a half!

Today, Amanda and I went to the grocery store and I was pretty exhausted after packing three bags of groceries. Not too tired to stop by Starbucks on the way home, though….. Still, I may feel OK at home but a trip into the big outside world quickly brings me back to reality.

I guess I won’t enter that dog show that closes on Wednesday…. 😉

Time for a nap…..


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