Have A Seat…..

Sitting has been a bit uncomfortable since my surgery due to the 5″ incision from my breastbone to my belly button. I’m more comfortable standing or lying down so I’ve spent a limited amount of time at my computer.

I continue to record what I eat on Livestrong.com and I’m amazed that I’m able to get all of the nutrients that I need into an 800 calorie diet + vitamins. Dairy makes me uncomfortable and I need to limit the amount of fiber that I eat right now but, aside from that, I can eat most things. I can eat approximately 1/2 cup of food at a time with minimal discomfort so I eat lots of little meals throughout the day. I chew very carefully, too, since I’ve had some problems with swallowing.

Blood loss from my surgery has contributed to my anemia and I’m frequently short of breath. I take 325 mg of iron every night to help replenish my body’s stores of iron.

I’m on Vicodin for pain but the pain hasn’t been bad. I would say that I’m uncomfortable rather than sore. I move slowly but I feel a bit better every day.


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