New Banner

My new banner, a field of poppies on Bornholm in Denmark (of course!), is in celebration of my “Cancerversary” tomorrow.  I originally began my blog with a Wizard of Oz analogy (see “My Journey With Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma” at the top of this page), as I (Dorothy) entered the Woods (Cancer) with Toto (Herbie) and good friends at my side (YOU!).  Throughout the past year, I’ve kept a vision of poppies in my head and on my blog as a symbol of my emergence on the other side of the woods.  Today, thanks to chemo and surgery, I’m in remission and I find myself in a field of poppies, but the yellow brick road doesn’t end here.  I have alot of healing to do and over the next few days I’ll share thoughts about where I’ve been, where I am and where I intend to go.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!


5 thoughts on “New Banner

  1. Yay! Good job avoiding those nasty apple-throwing trees! 😀 Now all that’s left is to take a nice nap in the poppy field on your way to the Emerald City! (Which you seem to be doing quite well.)

  2. Yup – none of that “surrender Dorothy” stuff. You sound good. The fall pictures on your blog remind me of how beautiful it is outside right now. I hope you let the sun drench you a little each day! Always in my prayers – xxxooo.

  3. I love your new banner. I agree It is so nice to get mail and comments from your friends wheb tiy are not feeling well!


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