Time to Rest

Lately I’ve felt a bit like a bear in hibernation…..I don’t eat much and I spend most of my day lying around and resting. My body has been through a lot over the last year: two rounds of chemo followed by surgery two and a half weeks ago. I’m tired and I’m weak but the cancer is gone and I’m eager to regain my strength and get on with my life.

I look back over the past year as a positive time in my life. Cancer forced me to look at my life from a different perspective and think about the things that were most important to me. Over the next year, I’m going to focus on regaining my health.  I need to lift weights and rebuild my strength so I’m going to join the new health club that is about to open in Covington.  I have other plans, too, but I’ll share them as I come to them….

…..for now, I need more rest…..


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