A Good Day!

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Seattle and I’m having a good day! My energy level is good. I ran errands all morning and stopped in to Joe’s to pick up some trainers. I’m going to get back on the treadmill today…after Larry gets his stuff off of it. I’m eager for LA Fitness to open so that I can start lifting some weights. I’ve lost just one pound since my surgery but I’m having a hard time filling out my size 2 jeans! Boy! Never thought I’d hear myself say that!!! I feel good about my weight and my body shape but I need to do some sculpting….put some muscle back on.


One thought on “A Good Day!

  1. I’m so happy your surgery went well and you’re feeling better 🙂 Congrats! What a relief, I’ve been worried about you, but afraid to check on you at the same time. I’m doing great other than being really wiped out at the end of every day, but I’m feeling stronger and stronger myself, and shrinking for the first time in eight years… whoo hoo to that 🙂

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