What Color Is Your Aura?

Just for fun….


What color is your aura?  I’m “Yellow”:

You are smart, open-minded, and enthusiastic. You love to learn! Optimistic about life and easygoing, yellows are like the sun–bright, inspired, and warm. They are lifelong students, and often do well in math, medicine, and the sciences.


10 thoughts on “What Color Is Your Aura?

  1. I’m green, lover of animals, I don’t agree with all it says about me. Some questions did not have the ans. that I would truly give.

  2. AH! Green is a popular color! I have this quiz on “My Crazy Sexy Life” too and everyone there is “Green”. There were several questions that I could have answered in more than one way but I thought that the “Yellow” aura was pretty accurate for me.

  3. Well, your sister came up brown, a little bit of a few colors. One who can’t make up her mind perhaps. That would explain college. It said I was well grounded.

  4. Just stopped in via Carl’s blog. Your blog is beautiful. Love the photos and the dogs! I usually have a large dog; now I’m trying to tame a chocolate labrador retriever.

    Oh my color was green, like a lot of people. Not sure I would have chosen that.

    Stop by if you get a chance: runnerwrites.blogspot.com

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