Happy Halloween!

That being said…I’ve never really been a big fan of Halloween. When I was at the oncologist’s office today, the young woman came in to draw my blood and asked, “So, are you going to dress your kids up for Halloween tonight?”. Bless her heart! “LOL!!!! NO! But thank you for asking…..LOL!!….you’ve just made my day!”. “No, my oldest is married and living in Michigan, my youngest is a freshman at PLU and she’ll be home in bed all weekend, recovering from something that has kept her miserable all week”. She seemed surprised, bless her heart, to learn that I had daughters that age….or maybe she was just being nice.

Larry, on the other hand, believes that Halloween is a competitive sport! I always stayed home and handed out candy, he would drag the girls from one neighborhood to the next, long after they’d lost their enthusiasm for trick-or-treating…as if “he who comes home with the most candy wins!”…….and he didn’t even eat the stuff! He says that he’s going to a football game with a friend tonight but…..I don’t know…..

Good news at the oncologists office today. All of my lymph nodes were negative, including the two that had been enlarged. It appears that the cancer was very localized, we got it all, and the chance of recurrence is small! YAY! It could be a year before I’m feeling 100% again but the prognosis is good. My bloodwork looked good and I’m not anemic.  No further treatments are needed at this time.  I’ll have another CT scan in 3 months.

No word yet about the esophagram. I’m still choking on food but I have managed to avoid dumping syndrome for several days. I’m getting 1200 calories/day but it really is a full time job being me right now. I’m constantly thinking about what I eat, am I getting enough fluids, am I eating to maximize nutrient absorption. I try to eat 200 calories every two hours and I record everything on Livestrong.com which gives me a complete nutritional breakdown. I know if I need more protein, more calcium, more magnesium or…..whatever else I might be low on.

I’ve been on the go since early this morning….time for a nap…..


5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I got tingles reading your great news!! Awesome!!! All of your focus on your health is definitely paying off and will continue. Well done, Carrie!!! Cora is doing sprints around the circle of our house; living room, entry, kitchen, dinning room over and over and over … I think she heard me talking about your good news to the family. 😉

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