Livestrong Challenge

Over the last year, I’ve talked to many cancer survivors and heard so many inspiring stories. I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs and memoirs of others and I’ve taken strength from their determination to beat cancer. The memoir that was most inspiring to me, the person and story that I most closely identified with, was found in Lance Armstrong’s “It’s Not About The Bike”. I have a picture of Lance above my desk (on a bike, wearing a yellow jersey) and I use his web site,, each day to track my progress as I work to become well again.

I’ve been told that my recovery will take a year, perhaps more, before I return to where I was before my diagnosis. I’ll spend the next year rebuilding my strength and my endurance, I’ll start lifting weights as soon as the health club opens and….I’m going to buy a bike. I need a goal to work toward so….here it is….

I am going to ride in the Livestrong Challenge events in Seattle next June and in Austin, Texas next October. I’ve been waiting for the 2009 events to be announced so I was thrilled this morning to see that the first event would be held in Seattle. I’m hoping to make it to Austin, too. I’ve never been to Texas, I have family living in Austin, and the event is held on my Cancerversary! What a way to celebrate!


8 thoughts on “Livestrong Challenge

  1. Good luck with your training!

    I too found the book inspiring, though a bit daunting also. Armstrong had such a big comeback that, when trying for my own comeback in running and tennis, I have sometimes felt, well, kinda pokey if I start comparing. But we each have to do what we can do!


  2. Way to go Carrie!

    With the support of TeamBeagle, I will ride the LiveStrong Challenge with you in June, and am available to ride with you as you train for the Challenge


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