My Visit to Bastyr

Last night I had an appointment with a nutritionist at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, the teaching clinic for Bastyr University. I first met with two second year Master’s students and went over all that I’d been through over the last year. After taking detailed notes about the treatment that I’d had and what I was doing now, they left to consult with the nutritionist who later came in to offer her thoughts. They were impressed with what I’ve been doing and offered a few suggestions for things that I might try (amaranth, quinoa and coconut products), things that are both nutritious and unlikely to cause dumping syndrome.

While the nutritionist didn’t have a lot to offer nutritionally (“You’re doing a great job”), she did think that it would be helpful for me to meet with a naturopath at their clinic who specializes in gastro-intestinal disorders. I have an appointment to meet with him next Monday and hopefully he can help me with the choking and dumping syndrome that I’ve been experiencing.

She also suggested that I see an acupuncturist for my insomnia so I have acupuncture appointment scheduled after my visit with the naturopath. That ought to be interesting! I hope that it works!

I got some good news yesterday! My iron levels are good and I can stop taking megadoses of iron! YAY!!!! I also called about my esophagram and it was normal. Sigh. I still choke on my food at least once a day…hopefully the naturopath will have some ideas.


2 thoughts on “My Visit to Bastyr

  1. I realize that my niece had her cancer near her lungs, and that was very different from yours, but she had the same problem with choking on food and also coughing. There was nothing to do about, it just took time and now all is fine.
    You have such patience. I could never do all you do.

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