I spent most of the day at Bastyr Center for Natural Health yesterday. I met with a naturopath and three students in the morning and spent two hours going over the minute details of my life…so different from traditional, western medicine where you often feel like you’re taking up to much of the doctor’s time. Dr. Donovan has prescribed a long list of supplements to help restore my digestive system. They’ll fax me the list today along with instructions.

In the afternoon, I had my first acupuncture session, hoping for relief from hot flashes and insomnia. Again I met with two students and a doctor and went over my entire health history. After the interview, I laid on the table and the students inserted 13 needles, several on my feet and legs, one at each wrist, one in my tummy, and one at the top of my head. With most of the needles, there was no pain at all. The needles in my knees and ankles caused a slight sensation but it wasn’t bad. I’ll return each Monday through the end of the year for additional treatments. Have I noticed any change? Well…..I don’t think that I’ve had a hot flash since yesterday and I did sleep a bit more last night (although that could simply be because I hadn’t slept much for several days). I hope that it will help….


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